Trial Disclosure:

How to Ensure Consistency and Keep Control over Data

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Regulations passed by various global authorities to make clinical trial information widely available to the public at large has resulted in the creation of a growing number of clinical trial registries worldwide. Biopharmaceutical companies are faced with significant challenges to manage their registrations in the face of non-standardized submission processes, frequent changes in the regulatory environmen, and the growth of emerging registries.

Although some companies may have their reasons for not disclosing certain data, clinical data transparency requirements are here to stay.

This white paper examines the clinical trial disclosure process and the value that technology can provide to deliver greater efficiency and consistency of published data while giving managers a global view of registration status.

Download this paper to learn about:

  • Trial registration requirements in the U.S. – a two-step process with protocol data published to; and in Europe, including and the relevance of the EudraCT in the trial disclosure process
  • Problems with direct data entry for each registry and the role a trial disclosure solution can play in limiting these issues