The Role of Technology in Vaccine Pharmacovigilance

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Several factors increase the complexity of vaccine safety monitoring and pose challenges unique to vaccines as compared to drugs, all of which heighten the need for advanced technologies to address safety concerns. Increasingly there is a need for continuous surveillance of vaccines, the ability to quickly handle large numbers of adverse event reports, assessment of vaccine failures, uneven or peak resourcing requirements, the flexibility to create new models for assessment of signals and the ability to address multiple factors in assessing vaccine safety.

This white paper explores the role new technologies can play in conducting the key activities in vaccine pharmacovigilance – detection, assessment, understanding and communication of adverse events following immunization. Learn about:

  • The advantages of an integrated approach to the detection of vaccine safety issues
  • Advanced software solutions for vaccine safety management
  • Automation technologies in vaccine pharmacovigilance
  • Recommendations for efficient vaccine safety vigilance using advanced pharmacovigilance systems
  • The benefits of an innovative pharmacovigilance software and drug safety platform such as ArisGlobal’s LifeSphere® Safety Platform