Technology Spotlight:

Leveraging CTMS and Planning Tools for Resource and Capacity Planning

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Poor planning often contributes to sites failing to meet enrollment rates, extending beyond expected timelines and spiralling costs. Resource and capacity and effective enrollment planning is becoming more important. But resource planning models are often maintained in spreadsheets or generic project planning tools. Without a holistic view of all clinical trial activity, planning is almost a worthless activity.

Pharma companies have invested heavily in electronic data capture (EDC) solutions, and while EDC offers considerable benefits, it will do little to alter the progress and timelines of a trial. A CTMS will be helpful tracking key activities: investigator selection, contract management, regulatory approval, essential document tracking and patient recruitment. Most critical will be resource planning, so a CTMS that combines effective trial planning is key.

Download this paper to learn about the key capabilities for clinical trial planning including:

  • A task planning database to build planning templates, program planning and study planning
  • Specific tools to create and track country and site plans
  • Using a central CTMS to view activities associated with a specific resource or role