Emerging Trends in Electronic Data Capture

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Data management has come a long way since using paper in the 1990s. Although not all studies have adopted electronic solutions yet, with the exponential increase in technology development and use, growth of the clinical research industry and a market in emerging countries, many clinical research organizations (CROs) are using electronic data capture (EDC) to improve accuracy and speeds of patient data collection methods, which help to increase compliance with regulations as well as reducing costs.

There are still potential limitations to EDC which require further research, such as data security, connectivity, and the need for field staff being comfortable using the technology (rural staff may not be so familiar with technology and less willing to learn). Today we are starting to see some emerging trends in clinical development that are looking to better utilize the latest technology.

There are several key trends that are particularly notable, including:

  • Patient-centric trials
  • Bring your own device (BYOD) for electronic clinical outcome assessments (eCOA)
  • Integration of different systems
  • Electronic Health Records (EHR) integration
  • eSource adoption
  • Mobile health (mHealth)

Download this white paper to get insights into these emerging trends by analyzing each in turn and explain what impact this is having on the evolution of EDC. It will also assess the potential implications on clinical development.