agOnDemand™ Security Framework

Addressing Security Challenges on SaaS

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Increased adoption of software-as-a-service to run business-critical applications within life sciences companies has led to renewed focus on security and the integrity of the apps provided. Security controls in cloud computing are typically no different from any other environment but given potential risks, they must be assessed to ensure services and processes function as intended and to identify unanticipated vulnerabilities.

This paper explores life sciences security policies on the cloud and highlights security issues that companies face, evaluating applications on the cloud and demonstrating how ArisGlobal's agOnDemand SaaS platform overcomes challenges.

Download this paper to learn about:

  • Safeguarding data privacy and preventing any unauthorized access through stringent access control measures
  • Ensuring systems and processes keep life sciences companies compliant with international regulatory standards
  • Addressing doubts over data location, data segregation and data recovery, and the importance of improving traceability and accountability of data
  • Deploying systems and strategies to detect and stop inappropriate or illegal activity in cloud applications
  • Testing applications before deploying them on cloud platforms to eliminate any potential vulnerabilities